Body and Facial Treatments

PRIVATE WHIRLPOOL Hydro massage Sea salt or Essence of the Mediterranean

Relax ‘Cloud’ bath Here the sensation of weightlessness will allow you to relax your muscles and stretch out your spine.

Durata 50′

EXFOLIATING SCRUBS With sea salts of Volterra combined with essential oils to make your skin smooth and give a feeling of lightness

SOOTHING AFTER SUN Face and body treatment with highly active moisturizing, emollient, and soothing

INTENSIVE ANTI-CELLULITE TREATMENT Treatment to streamline the adipose tissue. Associates the combined action of energy products with the techniques of rejuvenating massage. Encourages drainage of cellulite, lightens the body and restores harmony to the lines of the silhouette.

SMOOTHING MASSAGE Treatment Yin massage to stimulate and invigorate the fibers of collagen and tone fibers to firm, sculpt and shape the entire body

FLAT ABDOMEN A pleasant contrast energy treatment, applied with a slow, deep Yin massage to the abdomen, which eliminates tensions. With the application of plant extracts, yang energizes, drains, revitalizes and refines the line of the body finds a harmonious beauty.

FOR LIGHT FEET, ANKLE AND LEGS A gentle massage performed by finger pressure relieves tension. A leg massage with cryo plants bandaged to the leg to eliminate fatigue and create an immediate lightness


DEEP AND PERFECT CLEANSING For oily skin with exfoliation to remove impurities and custom masks made of plant extracts that rebalance the skin system

TREATMENT YIN CALM For sensitive skin, with redness. Trace elements to calm the excess heat of the fire yang energy and ease tensions and redness, synergies plant that moisturize and decrease the presence of capillaries visibly dilated, a tailored cream which softens the skin and restores uniform luminosity to face, neck and décolleté.

ANTI-AGING TREATMENT Treatment that combines the use of products with plant extracts” BioAge” revitalizes and anti-ages, with an exclusive massage technique biodinamio “lifting” in order to reshape the contours of the face, toned skin and be visibly rejuvenated.

FACIAL TREATMENTS FOR MEN For specific skin types; to reveal the natural beauty of the face.